Superbook Builds Parent-child Connection


Anabel and son, Daniel at the Superbook Bida ng Pagbabago Mall Tour in Robinsons Magnolia

According to a New York Times 2014 study about The Trauma of Parenthood, it’s one thing to understand the parenting dogma, and another to personally experience raising a real child. Although many parents happily take their new role, millions every year respond with despair. Among new parents–three to six months postpartum–42 percent of mothers and 26 percent of fathers exhibited signs of clinical depression. Now, would you still want to raise a kid and be depressed? Anabel Jonson, 37, a mother of four and a pizza parlor supervisor says, “why not?!”

Without a single trace of being stressed, Anabel shared her secrets to finding joy in raising four millennial kids while using Superbook’s enlightening adventures in discipling them:

1. Devise a routine

“I let my kids enjoy what they want and I joyfully watch them learn from the whole experience.”

Take that as your first hint. Anabel grew up watching Superbook and absorbed most of her parenting tactics from this animated show. According to her, when she was just a 13-year-old kid, she always wanted to excel and do things on her own. She was plain stubborn, but when she started watching Superbook, she learned that being excellent is not the only thing that matters, she learned to be patient and discovered that there is a higher and powerful being that controls everything. She had a growing faith that a mighty Savior really exists. Fast forward to present day, she still finds herself watching Superbook, but now, she’s enjoying it with a bowl of mayo and chips and cuddling with her four kids.

“My children often do not follow detailed instructions but ironically copy every detail of my routine. Since I learned about Jesus through Superbook, I passed on to them the routine of watching it. I teach them that through this show, they can also learn what I learned and be responsible. Since they enjoy animation and exciting adventures, Superbook is now a part of our weekend routine,” Anabel shared.

She also narrated how her kids devised a game in order to spice up their bonding activity, “Before the program starts, they always review the bible characters that might appear on the show. They sometimes get carried away and end up hitting each other with pillows and stuff toys!” she said laughing. Anabel also narrated how their love for the show strengthened their relationship with each other.

2. Learn the “Quality not quantity” mindset

Since Anabel is a working mom, she makes sure that her kids still learn from her while delivering quality output and beating deadlines for work. “I make lists of what I need to do first, my priorities, and my goals at work and set a timeline for everything, so when I get home, I won’t need to rush my kids in learning this and that. I ask them questions, make eye contact and give them encouraging words,” she said, “It’s not about the quantity of time I spend with them, but the quality of what we do while we’re together.” 

Anabel also practice her kids to share stories and lessons they learned from school and from the TV shows that they love watching. This helps her kids trust her more when they talk about the things they love doing.  While sitting next to her mom, Daniel, Anabel’s 8 year-old son said “I like The Giant Adventure episode of Superbook! My mom said God will also help me when I have problems like how he helped David in his fight with the giant!”

3. Commit everything to God

While quoting Proverbs 16:3, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans,” Anabel explained that in order to succeed in your parenting journey, you need to commit to the Lord first everything that you do because He’s the one orchestrating everything on our behalf. Without Him, we cannot win our kid’s trust and make them the person that we want them to be. After all, He knows what’s best for us and we can’t do anything without Him, Anabel said.

Superbook not only ministers to the young generation but also helps parents win their kids in a fun and interesting way! | by Sheena Ferrer, Writer, CBN Asia, Inc.

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