How the Bible was formed through the Years – The Role of Oral Tradition

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The Bible plays an essential role in Christianity. It is a book inspired by God so that His people may know Him and His ways.

Given this fact, isn’t it interesting to know how the Bible really began?

According to, it took 1,500 years for the Bible to be completed, catering entries written by different authors from different periods of time. Despite countless attempts to question its credibility, the Bible offers reliable accounts of real people, events, and places whose authenticity was repeatedly backed up by different historians and archaeologists.

In a resource from The Philippine Bible Society entitled, “How the Bible Came to us” by Edgar Battad Ebojo, Ph.D., the Bible, before written down, primarily started as stories that were passed along from generation to generation through the oral tradition.

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The oral traditions are the passing on of stories through the word of mouth. They are “…used to pass on knowledge, cultural and social values and collective memory. They play a crucial part in keeping cultures alive,” as defined by

In the same way, the Jews used the oral tradition to pass along stories about their ancestors’ victories, and encounters with God.

The Jewish Scriptures or the Old Testament were primarily passed on from generation to generations through the word of mouth for several years until the forms of writing began to emerge.

The beginning of the written Scriptures, as stated in “How the Bible Came to us” by Edgar Battad Ebojo, PhD, was marked when materials like wooden posts, steles, stone tablets, papyrus, and parchments were then used to write down stories.

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