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A Letter for You from Moses Part 1

It’s amazing how God prepared everything for His perfect plan to come to pass.

I was a survivor.

Pharaoh’s cruelty placed my life in danger but I was destined for something great.

I was born at a time of affliction, grief, and bondage.

The Israelites were governed by Pharaoh, a hostile king.

It was a terrible environment yet it was the place God chose for me to in.

Pharaoh ordered to slaughter the Hebrew boys.

Fearing the Hebrew God more than the king, my parents hid me for three months.

My mother took courage in placing me in a basket and sent it floating to a river and was found by the Pharaoh’s daughter.

She drew me out of the water.

She called me “Moses,” treated me like her own, and paid my real mother to be my nursemaid.

Unlike the king, the Egyptian princess was a woman of compassion who felt pity for me.

And because my mother acted in courage and faith, God orchestrated circumstances to her favor.

What a beautiful turnaround when God moves in our behalf!

I experienced luxurious lifestyle as I grew up in the king’s court, received all the necessary training, preparation and wisdom to become an intelligent and skillful leader.

I was privileged – studied in the finest school, powerful, and famous.

I was well-loved and looked after by the Egyptian royalties, guided by my Hebrew mother-nursemaid along the way.

As I grew up, I kept those truths in my heart.

I looked around and I ached for my indifference.

I saw that the suffering slaves were my people.

Every day, I witnessed perverse injustices around the palace against slaves – toiling under very harsh condition and dying in poverty.

One day I saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew slave.

I felt an unshakable burden for him that I felt so angry and lost my self-control.

How could the God of the Jews allow them to suffer?

Could He hear their groaning prayers for 400 years?

Where is God in all these? Did He abandon us?

I couldn’t stay standing and watching my own people suffer.

With all my anguish, I killed the Egyptian and buried his body under the sand, somewhat also burying my future as a prince.

I chose to defend the Hebrew even if it meant risking my own life and losing my identity.

I made sure nobody saw what I did, but still, the news reached Pharaoh.

I knew I was in trouble.

I ran away as fast as I could, unsure of my future as I give up all the treasures in Egypt.

I chose to share with the oppression of God’s people instead of enjoying the fleeting pleasures of sin.

I left my beautiful home, the best education, and my comfortable life for compassion with my own race.

I had to cut all the ties of affection that bound me to the palace – money, luxuries, position, power, learning, and fame.

I had to go and surrender my all for a greater cause.

When I went to Midian, someone greater and powerful than me revealed Himself.

I learned that there’s more to life than everything I left behind.

I discovered something greater that changed my life forever.

I met the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Will tell you more about my life and realizations,

Read more about Moses –Exodus 2–40; Leviticus 8; Numbers 1-32; Deuteronomy 4–34; Acts 7:22; Hebrew 11:24; Revelations 17:14

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