Am I Beautiful Enough? | A Letter for You

A Letter for You from Esther
Queen Vashti was deposed and a new decree was released.

Many beautiful young virgins were gathered so the next queen can be named, and I, a Jewess, became part of King Xerxes’ harem.

I was placed under Hegai’s care.

Riches were all around me.

We were given ointments, special perfumes, cosmetics and other beauty treatments.

I felt so pretty and pampered!

Everything I needed was provided on a silver platter.

But in spite of the luxuries around me, I was still anxious.



Will the King like me?

Am I beautiful enough to be the next queen?

I didn’t know what to expect.

But one thing resonates in my mind, what my cousin Mordecai told me.

“Never tell anyone about your lineage,” he said.

Now after everyone else has come near the king, it was finally my turn to lure him.

And when it’s finally my turn, I didn’t ask for jewelry or gold to impress him unlike what other women did.

I resolved that the King should see the real me, went to him with just my God-given beauty.

To my surprise, the King was so delighted when he laid his eyes on me and set the royal crown on my head. He declared me as queen.

Everyone admired me. My beauty was a feast for everybody.

The king gave a banquet and declared a public holiday to celebrate me.

I was filled with joy!

After some time, a conspiracy against the Jews came about and the King was lured to approve their killings.

That means killing me and my people.

Dispatches were sent by swift messengers into all the provinces of the empire, ordering all Jews – young and old, men, women and children – must be killed, slaughtered, and annihilated in a single day.

It brought us great mourning.

My heart felt bleeding profusely.

Mordecai got depressed upon hearing this and asked for my help.

I should go to the King and make supplication for my people.

What a bold request!

Appearing before the King without summon will have me killed.

But then, what about my people?

Then my God gave me courage to face King Xerxes.

“If I perish, I perish,” I told Mordecai and myself.

We gathered all the Jews and fasted for three days and three nights.

We prayed and waited for our breakthrough.

And the miracle came!

I found favor in the sight of my King.

I told the king that I was a Jew and asked him to have mercy on me and spare my people.

My heart leaped for joy when the King granted us favor.

Surely, a sovereign God is behind all these.

The Jews were saved from a horrible death.

Our sorrow was turned to joy and dancing.

Our mourning became a celebration.

Everyone was feasting and exchanging gifts!

It was a special day to remember.

Again, I felt happy.

We were so grateful – what a miracle!

May our story, my story give you encouragement.

If you’re also experiencing a difficult situation, pause and pray.

Turn your attention to God. Delight in Him

He is listening.

He is merciful.

His heart is kind.

And then, expect your miracle.


God will honor your faith and supplication,

Read more about Esther –Esther 1-10, Psalm 76:10, Isaiah 43:1, Psalm 75:6-7

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  • Genen

    I need more incourage my,spiritual life im weak now i feel down

    • A blessed day Genen, Be strong in the Lord. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. Please feel free to call us at 737-0-700 or at our toll-free number, 1-800-1-888-8700 (for PLDT to PLDT calls only). God bless you.

  • Marivic Collado

    You’ve done a wonderful work for the Lord! you help me grow in my Christian life. I am a cerebral palsy but able to work as a secretary project base in a big company. Lot’s of people trying to put me down they thought I am a big treat to them because I won’t give in to what they are doing. They thought easy to manipulate me because I am PWD, I don’t need to compromise just to be like by a group of people who do wicked things. “I am working in the audience of One”, “My work is my ministry” I know to stand my ground. I thank God for giving me a wonderful boss who is so kind to me always even they are foreigner (Chinese) they always lift me up. I know it is God working behind the scene. He so Amazing. All Glory to GOD.

    Blessings! CBA ASIA / 700 club

    • cbnasiaprayercenter

      Thank you for your comment, Marivic. It is our privilege to be used by God to encourage people like you and lead you to he One who will never leave is nor forsake us. May you continue with your awesome walk in God’s righteous path in the name of Jesus. God bless you!

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