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A Letter for You from Jochebed

Every one of us can freely imagine a life we long to have.

God planted desires in our heart. He even gave us the ability to dream and plan for these desires to happen.

Oh, how gracious God is to let us take part in planning for our lives.

During my formative years, I saw how God’s favor followed us. That’s the time I learned to dream high and believe the impossible.

We were Jews living as foreigners in the land of the greatest nation during our time, Egypt.

When we arrived there, we were treated as a blessing. When the rest of the world was perishing from famine, we were enjoying abundance with the Egyptians.

We were not just saved from death, we were highly treated. I felt so privileged!

Oh, how faithful God is in preserving the lives of His people.

But just as the world keeps on spinning, changes came through time. People changed and so they forgot.

Hundreds of years later, we were no longer seen as a blessing but as a threat to their nation’s power and authority.

They didn’t just take away all our benefits and comfort. They also put us to slavery.

We lived as slaves—no remuneration nor rights. Entitled to nothing but forced labor. It was as if we were born just to work and to be controlled.

Oh! God knows how bitter, troubled, and helpless we were.

In the midst of all our troubles came the dreadful command. Pharaoh wanted all Hebrew baby boys be dead.

What a nightmare it was!

I just got my third baby who I believe would be God’s instrument to help us get free from this abusive government.

Oh, God alone is able to free us from this trouble.

Trouble was rushing to my home – to my dearest baby. If I keep him, he’d be killed. If I let him go, I might be the cause of his death. I couldn’t choose!

But I had to.

So I knitted a basket and placed my baby in it then I let it float on the river.

Then it hit me – let my baby float in the dark and dangerous Nile river?

I couldn’t bear to see my baby float away. I was so broken.

But I held onto God’s word – He will deliver His people and He will use my baby to liberate us.

As soon as I let my baby drift down the river, God showed His favor.

He was not just saved from the dangers of death, he was sent to the most comfortable and secured place – in the care of Pharaoh’s daughter who called him Moses. God placed my baby in the most powerful place.
This proved to me that God is making a way to liberate us.
Oh, what an incredible story God has given us.

There are times when you will be filled with pressure and fear, but take heart!

It pleases the Lord whenever we obey His will but He’s not the only one who benefits from it.

Our obedience does more good things to us than to Him – it makes blessings follow us, it helps us experience more of God’s favor, it keeps us aligned to God’s perfect plans for our lives, and it preserves us to stay in the promises of God.

My life is a living testimony of how God honors obedience.

He fulfilled His promise to me and to His people. He used my baby, Moses, to liberate us and to make us into nation. He placed my oldest son, Aaron, to be the spokesperson of the Israelites. He made my daughter, Miriam, His messenger to the people.

And I, I was able to enter rest in the land that He promised us, His people. He blessed me with such a long and good life, with a household who leads in serving and obeying Him.

Everything happened wonderfully when I trusted God more than my own heartbeat. When I let go of my ways and let God have His way and when I followed my God over my plans and dreams.
Honored through my obedience,

Read more about Jochebed –Exodus 2:1-10, 6:20; Numbers 26:59; Hebrews 11:23

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