From Storytelling to Writing – The Birth of your Written Bible

The Birth of your written Bible

Take a moment. Look at your Bible.

Isn’t it amazing that it holds invaluable wisdom such as psalms, prophecies, and accounts of people who played a big part in changing the course of history?

Cool, isn’t it?

Have you wondered how these narratives from different points in time were collected into a book?

The development of the Bible began as the Jews passed their history from generation to generation through oral tradition.

These stories were eventually written down, “…as human societies in the Near East began to develop forms of writing that were easy to learn and use,” noted.

This writing down of oral traditions later on played a vital role in preserving their culture.

According to Dr. Edgar Battad Ebojo in his study How the Bible Came to Us, these written texts became “very important artefacts,” and turned out to be the, “descriptive starting point for the discussion of the history of those who are now called as the people of God – the nation of Israel.”

Autographs was the term used to describe the very first written texts from the authors of the different books of the Bible. Autographs are “any manuscript handwritten by its author, either in alphabetical or musical notation,” stated.

Old copies of these manuscripts were preserved. They are being displayed in museums and libraries in around the world, such as in Jerusalem, London, Paris, Dublin, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Greece, Italy, Russia, and Sinai, said.

That’s the origin of the Bible’s written texts. Our next feature on Bible History will be about how these manuscripts were collected and organized as one book. Watch out for it!

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