In His Hands I can Trust and Let Go of my Child | A Letter for You

A Letter for You from Pharaohs Daughter

I remember that day, I saw him on the water. It was morning and I was bathing by the river. He was a charming little baby. His eyes sparkled under the soft, summer sun. I picked him up from his tiny, woven basket that was floating on the Nile and I knew, that day, he was mine.

Moses—that’s what I named him. Drawn out of the water. How could such a beautiful thing be left on the river? He was, for sure, a son of the Israelite slaves that my father, Pharaoh, was set to destroy. Not a single baby boy born of the Israelites were to live—including this baby, the baby I held in my hand whose eyes brimmed with innocence, who calmed down and laughed at the sound of my voice.

I saw a young, slave girl by the reeds. One glance and you know who she is. She was following her baby brother, looking where the river would take him and wash him away. The blood that runs in their veins was the blood of the slaves. But in my heart that day, the boy was family. He was my family. And I cannot let Egypt nor my father take him away.

I brought him into my home and he grew up faster than I wished he would. He was a brilliant, young man. Princely, as people in Pharaoh’s house would always say. He grew strong and best in his chariot training. He was genius in his writing. He was a child every mother would be proud of. But he was also that same one who would put fear in every mother’s heart.

Moses was a passionate man. He would give his life for something he believes in. The moment I heard how he defended one of the slaves and killed an Egyptian, I was terrified. I feared that what I dreaded the most was soon to happen.

When Pharaoh learned about the truth, Moses ran away from Egypt—from me. A long time passed and every day I hoped with all my heart to see him again.  But the day I was waiting for – the day he came back, he was not the same.

He said the Hebrew God sent him to free the Israelites. He came back to free the slaves.

“Insolent! Is he testing the wrath of Pharaoh?”

I prayed to every god of the Nile and begged them to change the ways of this child. I prayed to have Moses back. I prayed to have my son back. But my gods would not answer my prayers.

Instead, the Hebrew God, was listening to Moses.

The next thing I knew, the Israelites were out in the desert and my Moses was leading his people into his God’s Promised Land. He was a leader, doing things no one ever imagined someone could do. He was strong and fearless. At the command of his God, he extended his staff and the Nile parted!

That day I knew that he was not just my son. He belonged to God – the God of the Israelites. And God has something special for him to do. That day I knew that God has a beautiful future prepared ahead and that He loves my child more than I do.

In His hands, I have nothing in the world to fear. In His hands, I can trust and let go of my child.

And you can, too.

God loves our children more than we do. And He is true.

Trusting the Perfect Father,


Pharaohs Daughter

Read more about the Pharaoh’s Daughter –Exodus 2:1-8

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  • Dominico Ramirez

    I just finished my night devotion… and was prompted to open your website cbn Asia and read about the “Pharaoh’s daughter”… I too lost my 11 months daughter and believe that she’s with the Lord. So touching… Thank you.

    • Thank you, Dominico. We appreciate your time visiting our website. May words of comfort, rest gently upon your heart, and in time may they become words of healing. Praying for you and your family. God’s love and grace are always with you. In Jesus name. Amen!

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