The Beauty Queens of the 21st Century | Beyond Small Talk

Beauty. Talent. Intelligence.

What does it take to become a real beauty queen?

Let us learn from the 3 beautiful women of the first ever Miss Beyond Small Talk Universe!

Meet the hosts of the The 700 Club Asia’s online show on conversations that matter – wife to CBN Asia President and CEO, Christine Kairuz, actress and mompreneur Bettinna Carlos, and BreakTambayan host, Trish Chu.

If you enjoyed the 1st season on marriage and relationship with Peter and Christine Kairuz, then you wouldn’t want to miss what these passionate women of God can bring to the table about becoming a real beauty queen of the 21st century.

In honor of the International Women’s Month, we’re going to celebrate all the selfless and fearless women in this Beyond Small Talk 5-week study on womanhood. The hosts will share with you their personal stories of faith and struggles as women living in the 21st century.

“We, as women, are defined by a lot of different things such as our society, the media, and our own families. Through this new series of Beyond Small Talk, we want to remind and encourage women to look back to their true identity in God and know His original design for them,” shared Clydee Tamayo, producer of Beyond Small Talk’s 2nd season.

“Our goal is to inspire and empower women by insights backed up by the Word of God. Together, let us discover what it takes to become a real beauty queen – a woman of God, that is,” she added.

One of the episodes will talk about the common labels or stereotypes that the society put on women in these days. It will help you see God’s original design for women.

How to deal with lies that plague women will also be tackled, such as “finding a husband is the only way to achieve true happiness” or “having a perfect image to feel accepted in the society.” Another episode will talk about the real significance and impact of being a woman of prayer.

And if you’re in pain right now from a broken relationship, then you will also learn the way to the healing of your wounded heart.

Are you feeling excited for the upcoming episodes? We want to know what you think! Join our discussion online and don’t forget to watch Beyond Small Talk Season 2 every Saturday, 7 pm at The 700 Club Asia Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

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