CBN Asia takes you to Jerusalem and Rome with “Treasures of the Second Temple”

CBN Asia brings you the Treasures of the Second Temple, a CBN documentary that will take you on a journey from Jerusalem to Rome, and back again.

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Hosted by Gordon Robertson, the documentary will unearth the mysteries that surround the 2nd temple of Jerusalem, which was destroyed by the Roman legions in AD 70, and its treasures.

However, centuries of eyewitnesses claimed that these treasures survived and were carried to Rome. So, the centuries-old question is: where are they?

Together with the CBN Documentaries team, trace its journey and find out where one of Israel’s top archaeologists believes the treasures are hidden today, and why he concludes that “the possibility to dig it is impossible.”

CBN Treasures of the second temple

Take a journey to uncover the “Treasures of the Second Temple” DVD! You may get your copy by donating Php 500 starting July 8.

To reserve yours, just text “Temple Treasure <space> complete name <space> address” to the Prayer Center mobile numbers.


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