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As soon as the government declared the quarantine, many kababayans rushed to their home provinces to be with their families.

However, such was not the case for Alnajal Jalmaani.

Alnajal is one of the trainees of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) who got stranded in a dormitory in Manila because of the Luzon-wide quarantine. 

“We were advised to standby. In case the processing of our application resumes, we would be able to report to training by then,” Alnajal shares.

While stuck in their dorm, Alnajal and his co-trainees started feeling restless about their condition. They received no financial help nor support as all their relatives are in Mindanao. They do not know where to seek help for food and some other basic needsIn addition to those burdens, they are really concerned about their families in the province.

“It’s very difficult for all of us, especially to me who doesn’t have a source of income here. I’m also worried about my family in Mindanao. I don’t know who can help me here,” he expressed.

Aside from food insecurity, they are also anxious about their health and safety in case they need to seek food or help outside their dormitory.

That is why it is a huge relief for Aljanal and his co-trainees when the Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines (OB) heard about their condition. Operation Blessing immediately visited their dorm and provided much-needed food packs, hygiene kits, and other essential commodities to help alleviate their difficult condition.

“Although we will still be stranded here for quite a while, what the Operation Blessing has given us is a huge help to us. Everyone in our boarding house were given relief items, and we are very grateful to the Operation Blessing for reaching out to us,” Alnajal said, smiling behind his face mask.

They also received prayers and words of encouragement from the Operation Blessing team to help uplift their spirits. They realized that it is God who sees and will provide for their needs, as said in the Bible:

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19) 

More kababayans like him are still stranded and they need your help. 

You can be a blessing to them by partnering with the Operation Blessing now! Your generous giving will help lessen their plight and will lessen the worries of their families left in their respective provinces. 

Reach out by sending in your donations online, through Paypal ( and GCash (Operation Blessing)or through banks with account name: Operation Blessing Foundation Phils., Inc.


BDO: 0030000-55279 (PhP Savings), BDO U.S.: 103000-113-333 ($ Savings)   

BPI: 3001-0040-33 (PhP Current)   

METROBANK: 270-3-27050273-4 (PhP Savings), METROBANK U.S.: 270-2-27000282-4   

UNION BANK: 00-216-072163-9 (PhP Current), UNION BANK U.S.: 13-216-000170-0 ($ Savings) 

To know more about Operation Blessing’s relief efforts, visit their website and Facebook page. 


(DSWD Authority/Solicitation Permit No.:DSWD-SB-SP-00018-2020)

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