Where Do You Find Healing and Comfort Amid COVID-19?

Dory Evangelista faced this question when her sister began showing symptoms of COVID-19.

That time, Dory and her sister, who are both overseas Filipino workers in Dubai, felt utter distress and did not know where or who to turn toCrippled by fear in a foreign country, Dory cried every night – fervently asking God to remove her worries.

“I was extremely worried because of what I read on the news about deaths brought by COVID. It doesn’t have a cure yet and all of us can get infected, an anxious Dory recounted.

Little did she know, a simple Facebook post would become her torch in the dark.

The 700 Club Asia’s Facebook page became Dory’s companion in the midst her sleepless nights and worried-filled days. There, she saw a post that says, “Faith Over Fear” with Bible verses supporting it. Relieved by God’s Word, Dory claimed healing for her sister.

“I had something to cling to and I felt God comforted me through that post,” she said.

However, one week later, Dory also started experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. She felt sick, weak, had throat discomfort. She felt like her suffering doubled. Fear paralyzed her once more as she went to two different hospitals to undergo tests.

“I was shaking and crying that time. I was asking, ‘Lord, is this itI hope not,’” Dory shared.

Fighting fears with prayers, God reminded Dory to hold on to His Word in Jeremiah 33:3 and to call onto Him“Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.

In her darkest moment, she saw another post on The 700 Club Asia which includes a prayer for healing. It’s as if God spoke to her through the post and empowered her to remain faithful despite troubles. Likewise, watching The 700 Club Asia online shows helped Dory put her trust in God.

Afterwards, Dory got a call from the hospital declaring that she is COVID-negative, so is her sister. Dory could not stop praising the Lord for His faithfulness that brought healing and comfort. Now, she shares God’s love and encouragement to her fellow Filipinos who also experience COVID-19 symptoms.

“God healed us. Great is thy faithfulness, indeed! He is always there for you, guiding and standing up with you. Ready to give hope in your life,” Dory ended.


Like Dory, do you need comfort and healing right now? Do not hesitate to visit and reach out to The 700 Club Asia Facebook page, or call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8737-0700 and we would love to pray for you. 


  • Sheila

    thankyou CBN Asia sa encouragement at mga prayers sobra nakatulong po ito para mawala ang mga worries and fears namin

    • Hello Sheila, we appreciate your feedback and glad that you are blessed and encourage sa pamamagitan ng ating ministry. If you’d like, you can also contact us at 8-737-0700. God bless you. All glory to God!

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