Do You Want to Connect Yourself to the Work of God?

Joy Go first asked this question to herself in 2017.

She responded to God’s call and started to generously give to missionaries, through the Asian Center for Missions (ACM), CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm. Her budding love for God’s ministry continued to flourish when she enrolled in the Kairos training course of ACM.

Inspired by the stories of missionaries, as well as their passion and compassion to spread the gospel here and abroad, Joy pledged to give Php 12,000 through ACM every year. 

However, her faithful giving was tested when the COVID-19 pandemic razed the country. She is a businesswoman and the crisis made it difficult for Joy to lead her garments and supplies shop in Dumaguete City. 

It’s inconvenient. It’s so hard to transact with our suppliers. I am worried because time passes by and our due dates and deadlines are around the corner. It was so hard to accomplish whats in my mind. I have a lot of things to consider, Joy shares, anxious about the situation of her business and employees.

Amid financial setbacks and uncertainties, the spirit of compassion remains in Joy’s heart. 

Indeed, God’s love and care overflowed through her and she is able to still lend helping hand to her neighbors.

God enabled her to provide much-needed relief goods to her staff as well as to other pandemic-hit families in their community. Some of them are house helpers, tailors of rugs, and street vendors who are reeling from the pandemic’s impact.

MoresoJoy’s desire to help God’s missionaries remains unshaken. Knowing that missionaries also need financial support now more than ever, she continued to care for them by donating to the ACM.

As Joy puts her trust in God, she is confident that God, too, will meet all her needs. Just like how He abundantly blessed her the past years that she was able to buy additional properties like 2 houses, 2 condo units, and a commercial lot intended for future business ventures.

“Since the beginning of my Christian journey, giving is not an issue to me. I am so convinced that when you connect yourself to God’s work and mission, in any form, God is well-pleased,” Joy expressed.

Do you want to connect to the work of God? Joy continues to ask herself this same question everyday – and she keeps on responding in faith.

“I really want to connect my company to the work of the Lord. In crises or abundance, giving is my kind of worship,” Joy ended, happy that she found the joy in giving to God’s work. 

How about you? Do you want to connect yourself to the work of God just like Joy?

You can do it by supporting the ACM! For 25 years, ACM has trained missionaries who are now in different countries, especially in places where the love of Jesus is not yet shared. Your donation supports ACM’s training program and helps send and support missionaries to places where God’s love must be felt. To know how, contact ACM through their website and Facebook page.

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