Do You Want to Help Jeepney Drivers Survive this Pandemic?

Young boy Cedie Sebastian roams the streets with a cardboard on his hands to beg other people for alms despite knowinits health risk on him.

“I pity my father because he’s unable to work now. We have nothing to eat. That is why I beg the passersby to give us money so we can buy food,” says Cedie. The small amount of money he gets is spent in buying food for the whole family, and milk for his younger sibling. 

His father Jerson – who is a jeepney driver – lost his source of income after public transportations were suspended in light of the community quarantine.

Even though it pains him to see his son beg for money, the father was left with no options.  

They must eat, they must survive. They have already scraped the bottom of the barrel. 

It’s hard for me to see him beg for alms, too. We live in this jeepney since the lockdown started. Since then, wexperienced all the hardest trials already,” Jerson expressed, holding back tears. 

To alleviate their suffering, Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines – CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm – provided much-needed food packs to their family, and other jeepney drivers who lost their jobs. The team also offered prayers and words of encouragement to help uplift their spirits in this very challenging time. 

“Because of people like you who help us, our families can survive. Thank you for helping us get by,” Jerson ended. 

The times have been hard, but the jeepney drivers have been hit harder than most. 

Left with zero opportunity to earn, jeepney drivers and their families had to endure hunger. Meanwhile, those who lack money to pay rent are forced to leave their homes and live inside their jeepneys – like in the case of Jerson and son Cedie.

With all these struggles, the drivers resort to begging in the streets just to put food on their tables. This is the grim reality that was brought by the pandemic.

Unfortunately, it would be next to impossible for Jerson and other jeepney drivers to go back to the road soon. Now that some areas are put under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine once again, more and more kababayans need your help.

You can reach them out by partnering with the Operation Blessing today!

For your generous giving, you can donate through Paypal (, GCash (Operation Blessing), or online fund transfer. For more details on how to donate and make sponsorship, you may contact 09399215543 or 09189067753.

(DSWD Solicitation Permit No.: DSWD-SB-SP-00029-2019 Nationwide) 


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